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Hua Huang is a Ph.D student in Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Stony Brook University working with Professor Shan Lin. He received his M.S of Computer Science in Temple University, and B.E of Electronic and Information Sciences in Huazhong University of Science and Technology(HUST). This is his CV.

Research Interest

Mobile Computing, Internet of Things, Machine Learning, Computational Geometry, and Real-time Scheduling.


Phone: (631) 216-7000
Email: hua.huang_at_stonybrook.edu


H. Huang and S. Lin. ”WiDet: Device Free Walking Detection with Deep Convolutional Neural Networks” ACM MSWiM, 2018 Best paper runner up.
H.Huang, S. Lin. ”Toothbrushing Monitoring using Wrist Watch.” ACM Sensys, 2016. (acceptance rate:21/119=17.6%) pdf slides video
• L. Chen, S. Lin and H. Huang. ”Charge Me If You Can: Charging Path Optimization and Scheduling inMobile Networks ” ACM MobiHoc, 2016
• K. Liu, J. Gao, S. Lin, H. Huang and B. Schiller. ”Joint Sensor Duty Cycle Scheduling with Coverage Guarantee” ACM MobiHoc, 2016
H. Huang, S. Lin, L. Chen, J. Gao, A. Mamat, J. Wu. ” Dynamic Mobile Charger Scheduling in Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks”. IEEE MASS, 2015
• F. Miao, S. Lin, S. Munir, J. A. Stankovic, H. Huang, D. Zhang, T. He and G. J. Pappas “Taxi Dispatch with Real-Time Sensing Data in Metropolitan Areas - a Receding Horizon Control Approach” ACM/IEEE ICCPS, 2015.
H. Huang, C. Ni, X. Ban, J. Gao, A. T. Schneider and S. Lin “Connected Wireless Camera Network Deployment with Visibility Coverage” IEEE INFOCOM14, 2014.
H. Huang, C. Ni, X. Ban, J. Gao and S. Lin “Poster abstract: Connected Wireless Camera Network Deployment with Visibility Coverage” ACM IPSN 2013.
H. Huang, S. Lin, A. Mamat and J. Wu “Predictive Scheduling for Spatial-dependent Tasks in Wireless Sensor Networks”, in WiP Proc. of IEEE RTAS 2013.

News and Events:

2017/09/15 I gave the second lecture on wireless sensing for CSE 570. 2017/09/08 I gave the first lecture on wireless sensing for CSE 570.
2017/02/19 Our project, the Billiard Guru, won the finalist prize for Hackathon@CEWIT!
2016/06/10 I create my home page

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